How to improve your golf shots on the green

What golfer doesn’t dream of a hole-in-one? Although such a feat is difficult to achieve, there are very useful techniques that considerably decrease the number of shots used to hit the ball. Learn how to improve your golf shots on the green and become a beautiful player.

Hit the ball in the exact spot of the club

It may seem irrelevant, but it is not. The location of the club hitting the ball is very important for the small sphere to be well aimed. This ideal impact zone is called in the golf slang sweet-spot and is more difficult to identify the larger the size of the club used. A good tip is to always try to use smaller clubs, as long as you can play well with them. There are several sizes, and materials that golf clubs are made of, and it is helpful for you to define which ones are best suited to your way of playing.

Look for exercises that improve your balance

You may not have noticed, but golf is a sport that requires great balance on the part of the body. The swing movements, rotating the shoulders, waist, and head unilaterally directed at the moment of the shot, can imply posture imbalances and dizziness accompanied by a feeling of uneasiness. When the player doesn’t feel comfortable, he will hardly be able to give his shot enough energy to obtain a good performance. Find out which exercises you can implement in your daily life that will allow you to acquire more balance, because this is one way to give more accurate and effective shots.

Strengthen your muscles

Although golf may seem at first glance to be a very relaxed sport, the truth is that physical endurance is required to endure the entire duration of the round. Excellent shots depend on the good condition of the muscles of the arms, wrists, shoulders, neck, and legs. Therefore, a rich, balanced diet is recommended so that the body receives the nutrients it needs to keep all the organs and muscles functioning properly. Additional exercises aimed at maintaining and improving the condition of the muscles are also indicated to improve the quality of golf shots. After all, the more accurately you perform your shots, the greater your chances of reaching the green and hitting your ball.

Attention to the position of the feet

One of the most elementary techniques for achieving a good golf performance is to know exactly which way to place your feet during the swing movement. If you are in the habit of lifting your foot too early when you follow the motion of the ball, be aware that this can be a way to lose power and distance from your shot. Move your foot only at the right height to do so when you hit the ball, not before. Firmly fix one of your feet behind the ball and only lift it when necessary. If you are right-handed use your right foot, if you are left-handed use your left foot.

Hand Care

The position of your hands can negatively influence your swing by preventing you from maneuvering the club properly. Prevent this situation by keeping your strong arm close to your hip, so that your elbow touches your hip. Don’t forget that your arm strength may depend on whether you are right-handed or left-handed, although this is not always the case. This way your hands will be better positioned in front of the club and your play will be more efficient.

Control the power of your shot

It’s not because you hit the ball too hard that your shot will be better. Instead of trying to hit the ball too hard, try instead to control the swing of the club and match its power to the required movement. Balls that come off too hard are unlikely to travel the player’s desired path. The power of the shot should be in proportion to the distance and the nature of the course that separates the player from the green.

Visualize what your shot will look like

Before you hit the ball, preview how that shot will go. Concentrate well and take your time. Golf does not mix well with nervousness or rushing. Think it over, consider all the possibilities. Pay attention to the distance, the wind, the nature of the course, obstacles, etc. Hit your shot fast and alive, but only when you feel ready to do so, and you will see how your results will improve a lot.

Good golfers are characterized by their patience, fair play, and physical endurance. Find out which strategies best suit your way of playing, and don’t forget that the fewer strokes you take, the better. Don’t despair if you don’t get as good results as you would like. Golf can also be seen as a way to exercise, to be in communion with nature, and to have time to meditate quietly while studying your shots.